Micah Lanier

Micah is a data science leader and Harvard MBA.
He is passionate about technology and the power of data to drive business decisionmaking.


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May 2018 – Present: Senior Analytics Manager @ Wayfair Professional

I currently lead a team that sifts through Wayfair’s vast troves of data to identify B2B sales opportunities. This involves both identifying and prioritizing novel opportunities, and leading efforts among engineering and data science stakeholders to bring them to life.

August 2017 – May 2018: Senior Marketing Manager @ Wayfair

I opted to join Wayfair after my time at Harvard, focused on growing and improving the company’s email marketing efforts. My big wins included launch of algorithmic content sorting, a new machine learning approach to email cadencing, and a better understanding of when our customers would engage most with email.

Summer 2016: Data Science Marketing Intern @ Wayfair

In 2016, I spent my summer building machine learning-based customer scoring models that support Wayfair’s direct mail efforts.

Summer 2015: Data Science and R&D Intern @ Legendary Entertainment

Between graduate degrees, I built machine learning models to support Legendary’s forward-thinking marketing and social media strategies. My work focused on understanding and predicting Twitter demographics, and segmenting Twitter users.

January 2013 – June 2014: Data Engineer and Data Scientist @ The New York Times

My work at The Times focused on building analysis-focused data systems and developing machine learning models in support of digital advertising, print circulation, social media engagement, and audience development for mobile applications.

June 2009 – December 2012: Consultant @ Inquidia

I cut my teeth in the analytics and business intelligence spaces at Inquidia (then known as OpenBI). There, I built data warehousing and reporting solutions for clients across many industries.

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University of Wisconsin

B.S., Economics with a Mathematical Emphasis, Honors in the Liberal Arts (2009)

My undergraduate experience focused on social sciences, mathematics, and liberal arts coursework. My efforts received scholarship recognition from the Economics department, with which I remain involved in an advisory capacity.

In my remaining time, I honed my web design and web application development skills intering at the UW-Extension and UW Colleges.

Harvard University

S.M., Computational Science & Engineering (2015)

M.B.A. (2017)

Two years ago, I completed my Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Beyond HBS’s comprehensive core curriculum, my elective coursework has focused on analytics, marketing, technology, and digital transformation.

Previously, I completed a Master of Science degree at Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences in the cutting-edge CS&E program. My coursework focused on topics in machine learning, applied statistics, data visualization, applied mathematics, and scientific computing. I was later invited to TA CS 109.



Micah can be reached easily on LinkedIn and Twitter.
You can also reach him by email at: his first and last names at gmail dot com.